Logging & DXing

  • Easy user interface provides for easy, intuitive data entry and automatically enters date, time, frequency and mode.

  • Many user definable fields allows you the flexibility to configure your own data fields, such as 10-10, FISTS, etc

  • Lightning fast searches by any combination of Call, State, Country, Grid, County, Band, Mode and Custom fields.

  • Automatic data lookup and entry from QRZ, Callbook and Buckmaster databases.

  • Easy automatic access to QRZ Online. No need to update your call databases again.

  • Print QSL cards or labels with automatic address lookup from QRZ, Callbook or Buckmaster.

  • Automatically tracks Countries, States, Zones, Grids, Counties, IOTA, US Counties, JA Prefectures and WPX for CW/SSB/DIGITAL for each band 160M through 24GHz.

  • Easy to edit/update country and prefix lists. No confusing .CTY or other data files required.

  • Built-in PSK and RTTY operation


  • Supports all major contests.

  • Easy user interface auto parses data for those contests where possible.

  • Generates Cabrillo files with just a few mouse clicks. You can view, edit (if needed) and then save the Cabrillo file.

  • Navigate between windows with keyboard or mouse.

  • Graphical info on a station or multiplier for interpretation at a glance.

  • Powerful and easy-to-use Rate Charts.

  • CW & Voice Keyers built-in. No external keyers required.

  • Direct entry of frequency or beam headings in the call field allow for simple station control..

  • Dual entry panels for SO2R operation, editing previous Qso while working new stations or working ahead in a pileup.

  • Powerful, flexible post contest analysis.

  • Up to 25 computers may be networked together using a LAN or via the Internet.

  • No additional software or drivers required for networking via the Internet.



Station Controls

  Dynamite Cluster Interface

  • Supports up to five separate connections.

  • Connect via packet radio or Telnet.

  • DX spots are color-coded for quick interpretation of Needed / Worked / Confirmed status.

  • One keystroke or mouse-click can tune radio, switch antennas, turn rotator and start logging a new Qso.

  • Automatically filters out duplicate spots.

  • Automatic Login scripts.

  • Automatic Reconnect for dropped connections.

  • Instant emailing of needed DX stations to your digital pager or text-messaging capable cell-phone

  Plus much more...

Complete program only $49

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Downloads If you purchased miLog over 1 year ago then you will also need to purchase a new year of updates

V10.6 Full Installation  (Updated 21 Nov 2011)

Note on full installation:If the installation appears to hang you will need to move the installation window to uncover another window asking for input. Also, some OS may show a warning there is not enough disk space. If this occurs, select the option to proceed anyway.

Updated Skin files

V9.4.3 Full Installation  (Download this one for the free demo or new installation)

V9.4.3 Update (Includes updated help files, requires prior full installation)

V10.8.1 EXE only (Fastest download, requires prior full installation)

V9 Manual  (PDF file suitable for printing)

FCC Database   (Updated 23 Feb 2009 - Requires updating to at least V9.2)

V7.2.3 Full Installation  (For Windows 98)

MMTTY Engine (Required for RTTY operation)

PSK Driver (Required for PSK operation)

Dx Atlas (Required for Dx Atlas map features)

Database Recovery Utility