Changes and Updates

Version 10,0

(18 May 2011)

  • Add support online callsign lookup on QRZ
  • Add support for all 255 COM ports for those using USB to serial interface
  • Many performance enhancements for faster operation
  • Added installation support for Vista and Windows 7
Version 9.5 Beta

(2 Feb 2008)


  • Add support for FT-2000
  • Add support for FT-757
  • Add optional fast call search for those with slower computers
Version 9.4.3

(27 Nov 2006)


  • Fix problem with log searches entering a loop
  • Creating a new contest log now resets scoring
Version 9.4.2

(17 Nov 2006)


  • Fix intermittent trouble when printing QSL labels
  • Enhanced packet spot decoding for SS (now show new mults if section in spot)
Version 9.4.1

(31 Oct 2006)

  • Multiplier list now works correctly in Sweepstakes module


Version 9.4

(31 Oct 2006)

  • Editing a qso no longer increments the qso number
  • Added CW sidetones (in Keyer setup window)
Version 9.3.1

(21 Oct 2006)

  • Improved contest serial number handling
Version 9.3

(3 Oct 2006)

  • Updated CQP module to use new 4 letter county abbreviations
  • Improved band decoding when importing ADIF files
  • Added fast call search to Logbook (Shift-F3)
Version 9.2.1

(18 Aug 2006)

  • Fix problem when creating new tracker files
Version 9.2

(1 Aug 2006)


  • Added support for CW keying via USB-->Serial adaptors
  • Added RTS/DTR functions to support port-powered radio interface cables-Tnx K1JC
  • Add Heading & Distance displays to Tracker window
  • Add enhancements to Dxpedition entry window
  • Add user fields to contest log exporting
  • Log and Tracker functions now much faster
  • Add support for DTA files (Super Check Partials)
  • Added Auto Lookup option to Dxpedition entry window
  • Added Country and Call filters to Cluster spot filters
Version 9.1

(17 May 2006)

  • Added support for multiple sub-band profiles
  • Added support for net operation such as HHH, OMISS, CCN, etc
  • Added internal FCC database for US callsign and address lookup
  • Added IOTA contest - Tnx NE1B
  • New CW keyer for rock solid CW
  • Add support for two WX0B PowerMaster wattmeters
Version 8.7 Beta

(26 Feb 2006)

  • Added multi-line macros for Cluster - Tnx K7BAA
  • Add RTS options (PTT, On, Off) for Radio COM ports - Tnx K1JC
  • Add support for multiple sub-band profiles
Version 8.6.3

(23 Feb 2006)

  • States now show proper zones - Tnx WB0CW
Version 8.6.2

(20 Feb 2006)

  • Added "Click on received data" for NAQP RTTY contest
  • Printing QSL or address labels now clears filters in logbook - Tnx N2BJ
  • Searching the log for partial call matches now a separate menu item in order to increase search speed and reduce system loading.
Version 8.6.1

(10 Feb 2006)

  • Rcvd RST now optional on QSL cards and labels - Tnx N2BJ
  • QSL Pse and QSL Tnx now optional on QSL cards and labels - Tnx N2BJ
  • Fixed problem with <Country> not found when updating trackers (this is caused by qsos with invalid band or mode)
Version 8.6

(8 Feb 2006)

  • Add CQ WPX RTTY contest
  • Add feature to look up call on QRZ.COM (Shift-F2)
  • Fix problem with "Field: NewBandMode not found"
Version 8.5

(26 Jan 2006)

  • Add BARTG Sprint and BARTG HF Rtty contests
  • Add UK DX Rtty Contest
  • Fix problem with grid reports - Tnx NE1B
  • Add Search and Replace function - Tnx N2BJ
  • Add new report generator for trackers - Tnx NE1B
  • Add Find button in IOTA tracker - Tnx NE1B
  • Add feature to edit IOTA list for adding new numbers - Tnx NE1B
  • Added additional support for MMTTY - Tnx NA6G
Version 8.4 

 (6 Jan 2006)

  • Added band and mode filtering for Dx spots
  • Added ability to assign one of the logbook user fields as QSL notes
  • Trackers now update much faster
  • Problem with Dx tracker controls being locked now fixed
  • QSL cards/labels now show both sent and rcvd RST
  • Program now compatible with Win98SE
  • Added column editor for logbook and contest windows
  • Changed font in PSK and RTTY windows for easier reading
  • Split Auto Band Mode into Auto Band and Auto Mode to make it easier when running RTTY using AFSK
  • Contest rate meter now working correctly
  • Added support for the TenTec Orion radio
  • Updated skin component (requires new skin files)
  • Added Replace function
  • Call searches now return partial matches
  • Added toolbar in Control Panel window for easy CW speed control
  • Cw Keyboard now routes to PSK/RTTY during RTTY contests
Version 8.3 (20 Oct 2005)
  • Updated contest modules
  • Added new "Always Page" features to spot paging
Version 8.2.2 (21 June 2005)
  • Trackers now update much faster
  • Tasks now re-enabled at end of CW message
  • Auto-parsing now working correctly for Field Day and Sweepstakes
  • Problem controlling rotors (Rotor 0 message) now corrected
  • Scroll bars now visible in log data grid
  • Log and trackers data grids now have mouse wheel support
Version 8.2.0 (10 June 2005)
  • Fix problem that may cause lockup when telnet connection fails
  • Auto-sense non-NT based systems (98/ME) and automatically reduce resource requirements to allow program to run on older systems
  • Add feature to scan log and automatically fill in blank data from database such as Buckmaster. Located under Utils in the Logbook window.
Version 8.1.2 (23 May 2005)
  • Disabled automatic network connections for antenna switching
  • Fixed problem when setting QSL starting labels other than #1
Version 8.1.1 (19 May 2005)
  • Added Dxpedition Qso Entry screen for Logbook
Version 8.1.0 (16 May 2005)
  • Added support Logbook of the World
  • Logbook now supports opening 6 logs simultaneously
  • Added 5 user definable ADIF fields for ADIF fields such as TEN_TEN
  • Radio frequency and mode now show in Logbook and Contest windows
  • Heading of rotor for current band now shows in Logbook and Contest windows
  • All Trackers combined into one window to reduce screen clutter.
  • Added skins to allow users to customize window appearance.
  • Rewritten CW generator for enhanced performance.
  • Added CW keyboard function
  • Added toolbars to many windows to simplify operation
  • Moved CW keyer and score display to toolbar in Contest window
  • Mult/Station map now integrated into Contest window.
  • Partial call checking and Band Map may now be integrated into main Contest window.
  • Two Icom radios can share the same Com Port
  • Now reads and set current Vfo for Kenwood radios
Version 7.2.3 (24 July 2004)
  • Model list in Yaesu radio setup window now visible again
  • Contest modules no longer log Qsos with blank callsigns
  • Labels now correct in CW Messages window for assigning messages in CQ mode
Version 7.2.2 (24 June 2004)
  • Transmitter bonus points now scored in FD summary sheet
  • Deleting Qso now works in FD module
Version 7.2.1 (17 June 2004)
  • 2.4Ghz band in LogEQF files now convert correctly
  • Address labels printed from QRZ database now formatted correctly
  • Scoring now displayed on proper lines in VHF contest modules
  • Multiple Qsos with same station during same minute no longer cause errors when importing EQF and ADIF files.
  • Improved DDE interface to Ham Radio Deluxe program
Version 7.2.0 (10 June 2004)
  • VHF bands in LogEQF files now convert correctly
  • Add support to print address labels on 1x4 tractor feed labels
  • Add support for Hamation HyGain/Telex Ham-x series computer interface
  • QSL labels/cards now printed in correct order for ARRL outgoing QSL service
  • RTTY dupe checking now working in contest modules
  • Dupe checking now done automatically when changing band and/or mode
  • Add interface to Ham Radio Deluxe for radio control
  • Add feature to log printing to print only those Qsos in Search results
  • Add F Class to Field Day summary sheet
  • Page numbering now working correctly on printed log pages
  • Field Day module now fully functional in non-registered copies of miLog
  • Country now determined by PREF field for ADIF files with missing DXCC field
Version 7.1.1 (24 May 2004)
  • Improved error handling for duplicate Qso errors in Logbook
Version 7.1.0 (23 May 2004)
  • Added 1x4 tractor feed labels to QSL label generator
  • Added feature to manually set Needed, Worked, Confirmed in trackers
  • Added support for Sartek rotor interface
  • Add rotor offsets for each band/rotor combination
  • Carbon Copy in Spot Paging now handles multiple email addresses
  • In contest, click on band to change band now works correctly
  • Editing callsigns in Logbook now works correctly
  • Added County, Grid and Notes fields to LogEQF importing
Version 7.0.1  (18 May 2004)
  • Fix problem in contest modules will callsigns beginning with X and V
  • Add QSLing functions to popup menus in Logbook and Search windows
Version 7.0  (13 May 2004)
  • Add support for Dx Atlas
  • Added general use Band Map
  • Add 10 general use CW memories
  • Added QSLing functions to make managing QSLs easier
  • Edit call field no longer blank after loading a different log file
  • Added support for ARI Dx Contest
  • Added support for Oregon Qso Party
  • Added detailed Help menu selections
Version 6.10.7 (21 Apr 2004)
  • Added Clear function to Dx Monitor (Edit|Clear Monitor)
  • Added feature to manually send Dx Spot (Shift-F12)
  • Problem closing program vith File|Exit miLog fixed
  • Add support for network (Shack-LAN) CW keyer
Version 6.10.6 (27 Mar 2004)
  • Changing country when adding/editing Qso in logbook now updates heading
  • Timeout on cluster AutoConnect no longer causes multiple error messages to appear
  • Add speed buttons to Logbook for easier operation
  • Clicking on Dx spot now adds call to call box in RTTY module
  • Clicking on Dx spot to set radio frequency now cancels split mode (Icom and Yaesu only, Kenwood in the works)
  • Update ShackLAN Radio Interface modules to work with new firmware
Version 6.10.5 (12 Mar 2004)
  • Reset/Update function in WPX tracker now works correctly
  • ADIF Import now designates country for USA Qsos when county data not included in ADIF file for USA contacts (DX4WIN)
  • Clicking on a call in RTTY window now copies the call to the call box so it can be used in macros
Version 6.10.4 (9 Mar 2004)
  • Add "@ \ %' to RTTY macros to insert Call, MyCall and Exchange into macros
  • Fix problem in ADIF importing
Version 6.10.3 (21 Feb 2004)
  • In Logbook, signal reports no longer required and only validated if present
  • ADIF import will now determine band from frequency field, if present
Version 6.10.2 (29 Jan 2004)
  • Colon no longer required when entering time in logbook
  • CQ160 contest module now reports correct categories in Cabrillo file
Version 6.10.1 (27 Jan 2004)
  • Remove COM port scanning as causing error messages on some systems
  • Fix problem with simple log searches after doing advanced search
  • CQ160 Cabrillo generator now shows states/Dx prefixes instead of zones
Version 6.10  (12 Jan 2004)
  • LPT port band data now available at all times, not just when a contest module open
  • Add enhancements in RTTY module
  • Now saves screen configuration for each contest
  • Add support for multiple monitors
  • Made changing a country name in the Logbook much more user friendly
  • Added color coding to Country, State, Grid, Zone, IOTA, WPX and County fields in Logbook to signify "needed" status
  • Expanded help files (in progress)
  • Improved menu functioning in all windows
  • New, improved QSLing module
  • Advanced searching in Logbook now working correctly
  • Radio frequency displays now read to 100hz resolution
  • Add feature to enter rotor headings in callsign entry fields
  • Add feature to enter radio frequency in callsign entry fields
  • Add feature to select date formats
  • Add feature to customize colors in Dx Monitor and in the Trackers
  • Fix scoring bug in CQWW module
  • Cluster spots now work for Sweepstakes
  • Add 5 more general use CW/RTTY messages using Shift-F1 to Shift-F5
  • Add CQ and S&P modes to contest modules
  • Added pressing ? when in entry fields will now send ? in CW contests
  • Add support for TenTec Pegasus
  • Limit cluster Auto-reconnect to 5 attempts to prevent constant attempts
  • Add Auto-Scrolling option to Dx and Multiplier Monitor windows
  • Update M2 Orion driver to support older controllers
  • Add county drop-down list in Logbook
  • PTT now works with the Call Station button in the RTTY module
  • F9 now aborts voice messages as well as CW messages
  • Editing band in SS Qso no longer flags Qso as a duplicate
  • Fix missing "ALL"  on Cabrillo category line in SS module
  • Band selection in Rotor Control window now follows current radio
Version 6.8 (25 Oct 2003)
  • Fix bug causing list error in Multiplier Monitor
  • Fix "Click to work" in RTTY window
Version 6.7 (23 Oct 2003)
  • Fix bug in CQP with VE1 and VE8 multipliers - Also updated CQP Cabrillo format
  • Added Dx spotting functions to main logbook
  • Changed frequency format in main logbook to include 100Hz digit - Useful for spotting
  • Added 1x2 5/8 label format (30 per sheet) for QSL and address labels
  • Added feature to select the starting label for printing, eliminating need for full sheet
  • Added PTT to RTTY module - Uses same PTT as CW keyer
  • Fix several nuisances when enter Qsos into main log
  • Autoroute Qsos on WARC bands to Logbook when contest module is open
Version 6.6 (11 Sep 2003)
  • Fix bug in ARRL Vhf Qso Party contest module causing memory read exception error.
  • Fix font problems in some contest modules causing bad formatting on some laptops.
Version 6.5 (18 Aug 2003)
  • Add fixes to solve problem with error messages when exiting program
  • Fix problem when searching for satellite Qsos
  • Fix problem with states when importing contest logs
  • Fix formatting in Rtty Roundup module
Version 6.4 (17 July 2003)
  • Add Manual (Shift-F11) and Auto (F11) Rotor functions to Logbook
  • Add Auto Login, Auto Connect and Auto Reconnect functions to Cluster module
  • Add new County Tracker for all the County Hunters that requested this
  • Trackers now update when enter calls in the Logbook module
  • Fixed the Search options that were broken in V6.3
Version 6.3 (8 July 2003)
  • Add determining zones to Determine Country from Call function in Logbook
  • Add Post Contest Entry feature to contest modules for entering your paper logs
  • Fix problem with error messages showing on some systems when exiting miLog
  • Add VHF/UHF bands to Tracker modules
  • Add five user definable text fields to Log files
  • Update Advanced searching for greatly increased flexibility
  • Add new Class F to Field Day module
  • Do Grid searches in either 4 or 6 digit format
  • Increase font size in contest modules
  • Add new Grid Tracker to show grids worked/confirmed on 160M to 10GHz
  • Fix problem with messages appearing when no address database installed
Version 6.2 (11 June 2003)
  • Add support to calculate headings and distance using coordinates in Buckmaster or Callbook databases (if installed)
  • Add user choices on how to handle duplicate Qsos while importing ADIF files
  • Add M2 2800 rotor support
  • Add rotor heading displays for M2 and Prosistel (BigBoy) rotors
  • Add feature to directly enter beam headings for current band in Call field in contest modules
  • Trackers now follow the logbook as you scroll through Qso entries
Version 6.1 (01 June 2003)
  • Fix problem with reconnecting when networked in contests
  • Fix problem searching log for Qsos on a certain date
  • Add log searching by date range
  • Add feature to create ADIF file of Qsos between two dates
  • Add Backup and Restore features to main and contest logs
  • Add Real-Time backup to contest modules (Hard-drive or floppy)
  • Add feature to show previous Qsos when entering new Qsos in Logbook module
  • Add feature to show beam headings in Logbook module when entering Qso data
  • Change some Logbook and Contest options from check-boxes to new Options menu heading
  • Add AM, FM and many new digital modes to Logbook
  • Add Drop-down list for IOTA number in Logbook
  • Add Drop-down list for state abbreviations in Logbook
  • Add feature to calculate zones from state abbreviations
  • Fix problems importing contest logs to main log
  • Increase size of text fonts
  • Fix problem reading frequency on older ICOM radios. ie IC-731 IC-735
Version 6.0 (15 May 2003)
  • Fix Sunrise/Sunset calculations
  • Add Auto-Lookup of station data when entering Qsos in Logbook
  • Add LAN/Internet networking in contest modules
  • Enhanced setup of CW keying
  • Add global field highlighting
  • Add two radio support to Logbook module
  • Fix problem entering Satellite Qsos in Logbook
  • Fix indexing anomalies in Logbook when searching after entering new Qsos
  • Many other new features and enhancements
Version 5.14 (31 Mar 2003)
  • Fix problem causing error message in contest modules when no radio connected
  • Add enhancements to Shack-LAN configuration modules
Version 5.13 (25 Feb 2003)
  • Fix problem accessing Unix/Linux based packet clusters
  • Increase rotor support to 8 rotors
  • Add support for multiple rotors per band
  • Greatly enhance contesting Band Map system
  • Add enhancements to contesting Multiplier Monitor
Version 5.12 (6 Feb 2003)
  • Enhance QSO entry in Logbook module for smoother,  easier operation
  • Fix buffer overflow problem when radio connection fails using Shack-LAN connection
Version 5.11 (27 Jan 2003)
  • Enhance rate meter performance
  • Add method to differentiate between dupes and deleted QSOs in contest logs
  • Allow users to optionally include duplicate QSOs in Cabrillo files
  • Add Contest Master Database feature
Version 5.10 (13 Jan 2003)
  • Fix missing state lists in contest modules
Version 5.9 (10 Jan 2003)
  • Enhance internal CW keyer for more efficient operation
  • Add support for East Asian 80/160 DX Contest
  • Add support to internal CW keyer to drive two separate radios
  • Add auto-repeat function to CW keyer in contest modules
  • Add paddle support to internal CW keyer
  • Add function to manually send CW / RTTY messages from keyboard in contest modules
  • Fix missing grid field in Stew-Perry Cabrillo generator
Version 5.8 (20 Dec 2002)
  • Add Rate Chart to contest modules (Check it out)
  • Add support for Stew Perry, RTTY Roundup, and VHF Sweepstakes contests
  • Fix scoring problem entering Rovers into VHF contest logs
  • Update Yaesu driver to be more robust
Version 5.7 (11 Dec 2002)
  • Make window stretching optional. Configure under Setup | Options in the Launch window
  • Fix some missing category fields for some contests in Cabrillo generator
  • Fix FT-920 code to correctly show frequency above 20M and also to show correct modes
  • Fix problem with own qsos showing in band-maps when this option disabled
  • Add timeout to spots in band maps. Configure under Edit | Spot Timeout
  • Add feature in band maps to delete spots as station is worked
  • Add feature in band maps to clear all spots. Available under Edit | Clear Display
  • Fix problem with duplicate qsos when importing ADIF files
Version 5.6 (25 Oct 2002)
  • Remove window stretching to solve window sizing incompatibility with some systems
Version 5.5 (7 Oct 2002)
  • Fix problem with number entries in CQP module
  • Update ADIF importing to support 4 and 6 digit time formats

Version 5.4 (30 Sep 2002)

  • Fix problem with DX entries in CQP module

Version 5.3 (29 Sep 2002)

  • Fix several minor issues in contest modules
  • Fix time format in ADIF output files
  • Add first spin of CQP contest - May need to be updated before the contest Oct 5-6
Version 5.2 (27 Aug 2002)
  • Fix directory error when converting 4.0 log files
Version 5.1 (8 Aug 2002)
  • Fix anchor of Call field in Logbook module
  • Fix problem when manually entering time in Logbook module

Version 5.0 (6 Aug 2002)

  • Add many features to contest modules
  • Change format of time in general log to accommodate multiple qsos with same station in same minute
  • Add feature to allow logging and contest forms to be resized
Version 4.14 (15 July 2002)
  • Add totals to DX / WAS / WPX / IOTA tracker reports
  • Fix problem not allowing HQ abbreviations entered in IARU contest
  • Updated macro operation in RTTY module
  • Fix problem that may cause RTTY window to not appear on 800x600 or 640x480 displays
  • Add feature to enable / disable "On-The-Fly" checking in contest modules
  • Add feature to allow user to change column order in Logbook and Contest modules
Version 4.0.13 (14 July 2002)
  • Fix problem setting frequency on Icom radios
  • Add enhancements to dual radio control
  • Add feature to turn auto-parsing on/off in contest modules
  • Add feature to turn tabbing through signal reports on/off in contest modules
  • Add feature to allow typing in radio frequency in contest modules
  • Add function to allow default sent signal report in contest modules
  • Log now shows correct UTC time when qso added from contest modules
Version 4.0.12 (10 July 2002)
  • Fix problem with Spot Paging window not visible on screen resolutions less than 1280
  • Add enhancements to internal CW keyer
  • First press of <ESC> while sending CW will cancel CW message

Version 4.0.11 (21 June 2002)


  • Increase number of CW/RTTY/Voice messages to five per contest
  • Remapped message keys to F1 through F5
  • Remapped CW speed keys to F7 and F8
  • Remapped CW Abort key to F9
  • Added macro characters to messages to insert callsign and serial numbers
  • All messages now 100% programmable by user
  • Updated LPT CW keying to match popular DOS program keying
Version 4.0.10 (19 June 2002)
  • Fixed several minor issues in contest modules
  • Added radio toggle feature when using two radios <Ins> to toggle (Logbook and contests)
  • Added dual radio display
  • In contest modules, changed Edit Qso key to <Enter> after selecting qso to edit (much easier to use)
  • Got rid of pesky window for entering calls in Logbook. Calls now entered directly to call box.
Version 4.0.9 (18 June 2002)
  • Fix problem pressing space bar in contest modules when callsign field is empty
  • Add note field for contest qso that will be appended to notes in general logger
  • Change operation of dupe, multiplier and partial call checking to work "on-the-fly" as calls are entered
  • Add WPM display for CW generator
  • Add shortcut keys for changing CW speed <Ctrl-F> and <Ctrl-S> for faster and slower
  • Add shortcut keys for switching to Partial window <Ctrl-P> and return from Partial window <Ctrl-C>.
Version 4.0.8 (12 June 2002)
  • Add spacebar to move through major data fields
  • Add delete Qso function in contest modules
  • Fix dupe checking problem in VHF Qso Party contest module
  • Add more info to help file
Version 4.0.7 (10 June 2002)
  • Corrected problem with backspace key in callsign field in contest modules
  • Added function <Ctrl-M> to scroll though modes in contest modules
  • Added function <Ctrl-B> to scroll through bands in contest modules
  • Added auto-scrolling to windows to allow operation on low resolution systems (< 800x600)
Version 4.0.6 (3 June 2002)
  • Corrected overflow problem in checking certain registration numbers
Version 4.0.5 (29 May 2002)
  • Added time offsets to allow logging in UTC when system clock is using local time
  • Added address lookup / label printing for QRZ, Callbook and Buckmaster (HamCall) database CDs
  • Corrected problem causing "Device not functioning" error message in Windows 98
Version 4.0.4 (28 May 2002)
  • Fixed problem not loading correct country when importing ADIF files.
  • Changed logbook data structure to allow reports such as 59A for aurora contacts
  • Cleaned up registration code
  • Fixed code for FT-920 for proper frequency display