The innovative Tracker modules in miLog are a great tool for both the casual operator and avid award chasers.

  • There are individual Trackers for Countries, States, CQ Zones, IOTA, Counties, Grids, WPX prefixes and JA Prefectures.
  • These trackers allow you to see band/modes that are needed, worked or confirmed at a quick glance.
  • Each tracker is automatically updated as Qsos are entered into your logbook and as QSLs are checked in.
  •  Each tracker is automatically updated when importing your contest logs into your main log.





  • An additional feature of the Grid Tracker is Grid Matrix, which  is a real handy way to check grids per band in a large block.



  • No tracking system would be complete without the ability to generate reports of the worked/confirmed status of each entity. Reports can be generated for Needed, Worked, and Confirmed for either CW, SSB or Mixed modes.