miLog is unique in that it is a logging program that provides contesting features you would normally only find in specialized contesting software.

  • Built-in voice and CW keyers
  • Dual entry panels supports SO2R operation
  • Networks up to 25 computers on a LAN or via the Internet without requiring any additional drivers.
  • Dual rate meters
  • The Station / Multiplier map displays the stations and multipliers that have been worked on each band and made and is updated for every character typed into the call field.


  • Edit any Qso in the log, even those that have scrolled out of the window.
  • Controls our external Serial Keyer with the same keystrokes as the internal CW keyer allowing for transparent operation.
  • Allows you to automatically send Dx Spots of stations worked when doing Search and Pounce operating.
  • Modal Enter key for CQ and S&P operation