User Definable Fields

  • miLog gives you the ability to setup several groups of data fields for your own custom entries.
  • There are sixteen "Check boxes" that you can label with your own names and use them in any combination you please.
  • There are also three "Group Boxes" of over 65,000 entries each. These group boxes allow you to pick only one listed item in each group box.
  • There are also five user definable text fields that may contain up to 20 characters each. You can specify your own labels for these fields and use them for any type of data you wish, such as 10-10 or FISTS numbers.
  • In addition to provided you the ability to enter your custom data for each Qso, miLog also gives you the ability to do searches based on these custom fields.


  • Defining the custom fields is simple and straightforward using the Custom Log Configuration function in miLog. You simply enter the text to label each custom field and all your custom labels will automatically appear in the Logbook and Search modules. You can, of course, change these definitions at any time.